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Phew! I’ve had a busy couple of months. Normally I sit at home, drinking tea, eating unhealthy snacks, and writing books about imaginary people / animals. But, for the last two months, I’ve been out in the real world, meeting actual live human beings. It’s pretty scary out there! But fun too. In Australia, in the UK and Jersey, I’ve spoken to around 5,000 kids at more than 30 schools and book festivals!


I had a great time, and now I’m back in Brisbane, Australia, writing books again: working on some new ideas. Next year, my Stinky & Jinks books, about a not-so-bright boy and his super-smart pet hamster, are being re-released, with new covers and illustrations by The Boy Fitz Hammond (who is also the illustrator of The Dadventure series). And I hope to have more new books to announce in the New Year!


Happy Reading!



International news: My books are available in Hungarian, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Greek and German.


My first 8 books are available in Dutch (all of the Stinky and Jinks books and both Squirrel Boy ones) - click here.


And all 6 Stinky and Jinks books are now available in France. - click here.


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